The Community Long Special: It's War Now, made by TheCrypticEdit

Luke, Tom, Owen, Ness and Nathan walk towards Duncan's secret lair. "Luke umm, how are we gonna kill your evil twin? He's basically you with red eyes and white hair." asked Ness. "Easy," Luke replied. "We shoot him." The others stared at Luke. They continued to walk towards the mountain. Luke raised his AK-47 and fired to make sure no one was there. The sound alerted Duncan (Evil Luke), Evil Tom, Evil Owen, Evil Ness and Evil Nathan. "We have to stay in the church!" said Duncan. Luke bashed the door down with his knife and the group were in.

They were amazed that 5 men could do all the work in a church. "So you know we're here. And we know you're here," Duncan said. We know who's there. There's Ness, Nathan, Eddie's brother Tom. Owen...Luke." Tom raised his gun. "Look you're behind one of these two doors and we have more than enough fire power to take down both!" Duncan warned. "How about Matt?" he added. "Listen Luke I know you put him out of misery because we shot him." Luke raised his Assault Rifle. "E.T, E.O, flick the hinges." ordered Duncan. Luke shot them both in the head. "Put your guns down." he ordered. "Luke we'll leave right through that office if you lower yours-OWW!" Duncan said, before being shot in the shoulder. "Put your guns on the floor." Luke ordered. "Do what he says." Duncan told Evil Ness and Evil Nathan. "Evil Ness there's no choice here!" said Duncan. "Yes there is." Evil Ness replied. Owen aimed his gun at Evil Ness' head. "Wanna bet?" he said. E.N dropped his gun. "Luke you don't have to do this. We can just walk away, and we'll NEVER cross paths again I promise you," Duncan begged. "You'd kill anyone," said Luke. "Besides, I already said I'm gonna kill you." Luke got out his knife and brutally stabbed Duncan to death. Ness and Nathan did the same to their evil counterparts. They stared at the corpses and left the church.